Training Opportunities


The marksmanship programme places a greater emphasis on recreational marksmanship as a sport. Self-discipline, acceptance of responsibility and respect for firearms are but a few of the many positive benefits derived from this cadet programme.


The aim of the National Cadet Marksmanship Programme is to develop cadets’ interest in marksmanship while promoting the safe and proficient use of firearms for sport and recreational purposes. Such activities are also valuable in helping cadet corps/squadrons achieve other aspects of the cadet programme related to leadership, citizenship and sensible living. Cadet rifle marksmanship, by being both challenging and fun, can also enhance the retention of cadets.


The objectives of the National Cadet Marksmanship Programme are:

a. To promote firearms safety;
b. To develop marksmanship skills;
c. To stimulate and maintain an interest in the CCM;
d. To train CIC officers, CI and senior cadets in how to conduct firearms training; and
e. To produce CIC and cadet coaches.


An unparalleled sense of achievement is gained as a cadet strives towards excellence in a sport that allows all competitors to compete on an equal basis. Self-confidence,

Acceptance of responsibility, fitness and sports etiquette are just some of the life skills acquired from the training. A respect for firearms, the development of proficient use of rifles for sport and recreational purposes, improved cardio-vascular conditioning and an improvement in self-discipline are additional benefits.

Parachute Course

The Army Cadet Parachuting Course is a senior level summer course and challenges Army Cadets to meet the same standard of performance as Regular and Reserve personnel.

Cadet CWO Holland, a member of 242 Fredericton Army Cadets, receiving his Parachuting wings for successfully completing the Canadian Forces Parachute Course, summer of 2018.


Please review the attached PDF for information on the Cadet Instructors Cadre – Cadre des instructeurs de Cadets