1st Annual Cst Robb Costello Memorial Fun Walk/Run – 2019

242 Fredericton Army Cadets to march in Memory

Cadets to attend 1st Annual Cst. Robb Costello Memorial Fun Run/Walk

Fredericton, NB, 4-October-2019 – On Saturday Cadets from the 242 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps, located on the South Side of Fredericton will be crossing the river and donning their Field Training Kit to take part in the 1st Annual Cst. Robb Costello Memorial Fun Run/Walk.

On August 10th 2018, a gunman opened fire killing 2 civilians; Musician Donnie Roubichaud and his girlfriend, Bobbie-Lee Wright. As well as the first 2 responding officers; Cst. Lawrence Robert Costello and Cst. Sara Burns. All of Fredericton’s citizens felt the impact of this tragic day that should never have happened.

While there have been many events over the course of the last year, this one truly fits the Cadet culture. Army Cadets excel in fitness training, team work, friendship and above all else, helping others. Many traits of which seem to have been well shared with Cst. Robb Costello.

As such it is a great honor for the Cadets to be able to come out and support such an event, walking or running with fellow community members in memory. Fighting to keep the names of all 4 that were lost at the forefront, and remember their contribution to our great community.

The 242 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps is a local Army cadet unit which meets Tuesday nights throughout the School year at the Carleton Street Armories. Youth between the ages of 12 and 19 who wish to join can visit www.frederictonarmycadets.com or www.facebook.com/242RCACC for more information.


If you would like more information about this topic, please email: publicrelations@frederictonarmycadets.com

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